The battle of chosin reservoir during the korean war in 1950

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The battle of chosin reservoir during the korean war in 1950

Barber was married to his wife Ione for 59 years. He had three children, Sharon, Diane, and John, and three grandchildren. After parachute training, Barber was designated a paramarine and assigned as a parachute instructor at the newly activated Parachute Training School at New River, North Carolina.


After being wounded, twice, he was evacuated and later returned to his unit, serving as company commander during the last two weeks of the operation.

Shortly after, he was promoted to first lieutenant and again commanded the company during the initial occupation of Japan.

The battle of chosin reservoir during the korean war in 1950

He was awarded the Silver Star and two Purple Hearts for his actions on Iwo Jima in which "he disregarded his own wounds and directed enemy fire to rescue two wounded Marines from enemy territory. The stakes of this battle were high: The Marines fought in sub-zero temperatures, outnumbered five to one.

Captain Barber was shot in the leg bone near the groin, fracturing the bone, on the first night of action November He continued to lead his troops from a stretcher. The unit was ordered to withdraw and fight their way back to safety, but Captain Barber refused to budge.

The enemy broke through the line three times, only to be repelled. By the end of the battle, more than 1, enemy soldiers had been killed. He was promoted to major in July Truman in ceremonies at the White House.

While there, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel in April He was promoted to colonel on September 22, For his service in this capacity, he was awarded the Legion of Merit with Combat "V. He then became a civilian military analyst for the Northrop Corporation.

Crossing into North Korea

Barber died at his home in Irvine, California on April 19, of bone marrow cancer and he was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

His wife Ione died four years later, and her ashes were interred in his grave.Secret Bases wiki - Battle of Chosin Reservoir. Battle of Chosin Reservoir.

During the battle, UN dead were buried at temporary grave sites along the road.

Battle of the Chosin Reservoir | Korean War |

Malkasian, Carter (), The Korean War –, New York. The Battle of Chosin Reservoir was one of the crucial engagements from the Korean War.


Fought from November 27th until December 13th in , the battle took place in the hills and valleys that surrounded the frozen Chosin Lake in the North Korean province of South Hangyong.

The Battle of Chosin Reservoir was fought during the Korean War (). The fighting around Chosin Reservoir lasted from November 26 to December 11, The 5th Marine Regiment (5th Marines), most of the 7th Marines, and three artillery battalions of the 11th Marines spent the daylight hours of November 27, , staging into the North Korean mountain-valley town of Yudam-ni, on the frozen shore of the Chosin Reservoir.

Aug 07,  · A POW in World War II and survivor of the Korean War battle of the Chosin Reservoir, he was a life-long optimist. During World War II, when he was starved, beaten and enduring hour shifts. Battle of the Chosin Reservoir: Battle of the Chosin Reservoir, campaign early in the Korean War, part of the Chinese Second Offensive (November–December ) to drive the United Nations out of North Korea.

The Chosin Reservoir campaign was directed mainly against the 1st Marine Division of the U.S. X Corps, which had.

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