Specific examples of the expanding role of blogs in reporting and commenting on social political cul

At times, like when we watched The Economics of Happiness and its critique of aspects of globalisation, I feel as if we are skating around the edges of the real challenges we face.

Specific examples of the expanding role of blogs in reporting and commenting on social political cul

The answer, I quickly learned, depends on four factors: Blog, for the uninitiated, is shorthand for "Web log," online journals of thought and commentary. They feature a personal, distinctive voice, links to other sources and regular postings displayed in reverse chronological order with the newest entry first.

Readers scroll down the screen to scan the blogs, which often include a place for reader input, archives of past entries and "blogrolls," lists of other blogs the author finds useful. Objectivity is generally verboten in the blogosphere, although ideology tends to be less rigid than the partisan debates that play out so repetitiously in newspapers and on television.

And bloggers are a clubby bunch, referencing and linking to each other even when ideologies clash. There are the rock stars of political blogging--Glenn H.

There are more blogs out there than any one person could reasonably hope to read or even find. After new software made blogging easy and free inthe phenomenon took off.

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The September 11 attacks and their aftermath spawned another wave of political blogs. Millions of them are blogging. The line between pure political bloggers and "Big Journalism," as Reynolds calls it, is fading. Kaus, a former writer for The New Republic and Newsweek, moved his once independent Kausfiles to Slate, a Microsoft-owned online magazine, in May The Washington Monthly, a small but influential politics and policy magazine, hired blogger Kevin Drum in March.

In September, the Prospect hired blogger Matthew Yglesias as a writing fellow; he now blogs for Tapped in addition to his own site. Even the New York Times has launched an edited campaign blog of sorts, Times on the Trail, which is breezier than the paper but more straitlaced than most blogs.

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While cable news endlessly repeats political headlines, Weblogs chatter over inside information that mesmerizes the junkies. Dube believes amateur blogs have fostered public involvement in politics and enhanced political dialogue.

It may contribute to the spreading of misinformation and to misperceptions and to spin. But the blogosphere has dished up its share of misinformation and spin. When Internet gossip columnist Matt Drudge in February posted an unsubstantiated rumor of a John Kerry affair, it surfaced on Wonkette.

The Drudge Report itself often is considered a blog or at least blog-like. While the mainstream news media overplayed Gov. Kaus held a "Kerry Withdrawal Contest" before the primaries to "help" Kerry drop out of the race, saying he "faces not just defeat but utter humiliation in the New Hampshire primary.

Kaus notes that he suspended his contest after Saddam Hussein was captured because he figured it gave candidates who voted for war a "fresh opening.Thinking critically about the role and design of technology, data and the social sciences in our lives and learning. View all Technology, Networks & Sciences blogs.

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The majority of social discourse, especially political discourse, these days is to signal to what (cultural) tribe you belong, rather than a genuine exchange of ideas.

It’s like the SNL sketch “Election Night”.

Specific examples of the expanding role of blogs in reporting and commenting on social political cul
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