French literacy essay during the old regime

All are collected in villages: This region contains the cream of French agriculture: The vast range of country is an unbounded plain, the whole scattered with rich meadows, vineyards, gardens and forests. Ready markets for every sort of produce are an incentive for improvement.

French literacy essay during the old regime

Sample Student Essays Directions: You should read the passage several times, first for an overall understanding and then for the particular aspects mentioned in the essay prompt. Stronger score of 8 The levels of literacy in the Old Regime France are due greatly to the class one was in and the area one lived in.

The promotion of the increase in literacy came from the people as well as from the church, while the Aristocrats and government officials basically opposed the spread of literacy. Both sides would have rather educated males rather than females. Trade offered the biggest promotion of literacy.

Thus showing that those of greater influence and wealth in the old Regime were able to get the education neccessary and it also shows that the old Regime did not promote literacy below the classes of the higher scale.

Another factor to the literary problem was due greatly to where it was needed and where contact with others took place in greater amounts. This is even lower in women literacy rates.

This can be seen also in Document two as the same Northern Region shows more towns with schools than the middle or southern Regions, though the southern Region shows more schools than the middle.

The promotion of literacy was due greatly to the church and some of the people themselves. Much of this promotion was due also to the region of the country. In Document 6, a french bishop writes " The church also wanted to promote literacy to keep the people involved in church life by understanding it.

This is seen in Document 11 as a group of Priests write to the arch Bishop on the need for better education; "We have the sorrow of seeing that these young people who do no know how to read forget soon after their first communion even the most elementary parts of religion Most of the people themselves, as the time progressed, wished to be able to read and be educated.

This is seen in Document 11 as a whole town writes a letter of grivances in on the eve of the French Revolution stating their want for education.

The Aristocrats and government people saw education as a right all their own. They felt that educating the masses would end up in their loss of control over these people. This is seen in Document 10 where a French aristocrat writes telling the world that if we educate the poor and working classes then they shall no longer continue at their trades and not be able to provide their services to the Rich.

Document 7 shows that the government wishes to keep the people uneducated by stating "As long as a peasant can form the letters of his name, he is skilled enough; Some of the people in the country wanted to limit literacy through a fear of losing things they felt essential.

Such as the Document 12 states as the man Restif de la Bretonne states if women are educated they will lose respect for men and not serve them any more. He is afraid of women being better than he is or above him rather than having a real concern. This is seen also by an intendant in Document 13 as he is afraid of people leaving agriculture because they are educated.

He believed this to be evil showing that he does not want education because of ideas drilled into his mind by past generations. The biggest factor in spreading the amount of literacy and promoting it was trade and commerce.

This is seen in Document 4 as Arthur R Young points out in the areas of commerce the people are educated and it is emphasized and the area is doing well and progressing while areas of no commerce show no improvement of education because they have very little contact with the outside world.

Thus where trade was heavy literacy was promoted just due to the need of it to keep the commerce alive and the wealth flowing. The promotion of literacy and the discouragement of it was due greatly to each classes vital interests. While the poor wanted a share in education and the wealth the rich wanted to keep the poor under their control.

French literacy essay during the old regime

They felt that people needed only to know what they need to survive. In the end the vital interests of each class led to the success or failure of the movement due to a larger working class much of the movement was successful. For more information about the topics underlined in the passage, click on the word.

Click on the arrow to clear all.From studying signatures of wills Daniel Roche has discovered astonishing figures of adult literacy in the capital at the end of the old regime [France, before the French Revolution of . Literacy in france essay during the old regime. Natalie dessay queen of the night arian write essay piece art tea cake death their eyes were watching god essay laugier essay on architecture summary plan traveling through time essay importance of girl education short Literacy in france essay during the old regime.

5 stars based on. People and the Old Regime Essay - People and the Old Regime The Old Regime, a society defined by its characteristics of strong monarchies and group mentality of the peasantry, was a flourishing society from until The French Revolution was how France changed the way their government was and how their people lived.

Before the Revolution started in , the French used a political and social system called the Old Regime.

French literacy essay during the old regime

The Old Regime was the same as “Absolute power.” Absolute power is when the government controls everything that goes on. Dec 15,  · Post your thesis for the DBQ: Literacy in the Old Regime before class on 12/ Please comment on a classmate's thesis before class on 12/ Comment should explain why you agree with their thesis, or CONSTRUCTIVELY critical of their thesis.

All posts must be approved by Mr. Meli before they appear on the blog, so be patient it will post. Sample essay 3: Mixed (score of 5) Literacy rose in Old Regime France during the eighteenth century (Doc. 3) against the will of the aristocracy.

The government, which came under the control of the nobility again after the reign of Louis XIV, wished to prevent a rise in the power of the middle and lower classes.

Literacy in france essay during the old regime