Cefms corporate business reports

Army Corps of Engineers, Huntsville. Improved existing processes by creating various electronic staffing and tracking systems utilizing SharePoint. Trained Command Staff, Directors, and Administrative staff in the use of these systems. Prepare and consolidate various types of correspondence, briefing charts, backup data, reports, etc.

The premier, world-class provider of finance and accounting services. One organization, one identity. Under the second tenet of our vision — trusted, innovative financial partner, the UFC strives to fully satisfy customer requirements and aggressively resolve problems to deliver cefms corporate business reports value, quality services.

We implement performance metrics to drive best business practices and achieve high quality results. When a problem is identified, the UFC provides an automated solution for better management of information.

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We have begun with a very important step of earning the first qualified opinion on the USACE Civil Works audited financial statements balance sheet. The UFC is truly the financial partner at work. Under the third tenet of our vision — one organization, one identity, the UFC was officially established by permanent orders, signed by the chief of Engineers, on 6 September to reduce the cost and improve the overall quality of USACE financial management.

The consolidation of the UFC was a necessary step. It allowed the USACE to improve its internal operations; standardize and integrate the financial operations, procedures, and systems; implement best business practices; and, reduces cost to our customers.

The UFC continues to improve corporate quality and value.

USACE Finance Center

Under the fourth tenet of our vision — employer of choice, the UFC embraces continuous learning for our work force to ensure critical, high quality skill sets. One of our main goals is to be able to develop the next generation of UFC leadership by investing in our people.

Our focus is centered around shaping the way we partner with our customers and stakeholders to drive our decisions and behaviors. We embrace change and seek new ways to do business by investing in leading-edge technology.

We communicate openly and honestly; treat everyone with fairness and respect; follow through on commitments; and demonstrate accountability and integrity as a team.

We train and develop our employees by providing classroom and on-the-job cross training to strive for excellence and recognize and reward exemplary performance.

We always explore ways to provide challenging assignments and to maintain a healthy, safe and pleasant environment in which to work. Relocation Income Tax Allowance Overview The RITA is an authorized entitlement to reimburse civilian employees for substantially all of the additional federal, state, and local taxes incurred by the employee, or by the employee and spouse if filing a joint income tax return, as a result of a Permanent Change of Station PCS move.

Filing the RITA claim is required in the tax year following the tax year that the employee received reimbursement of their PCS travel and transportation expenses.


For example, if the employee transferred to a new duty station and received reimbursements for any moving expenses in Year 1the employee must submit a RITA claim in Year 2.

RITA is an entitlement to help offset the additional tax liability a civilian employee incurs when they do a PCS move. A different standard calculation percentage may have been in effect at the time your voucher was calculated.

If your total RITA was over-calculated by the standard percentage, an overpayment would have been made to the Federal Reserve Bank on your behalf, and we will issue a bill to you for the overpayment.

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Since you have already filed your income tax return, any overpayment that was on deposit for you has already been refunded to you by the IRS after the total amount in your IRS tax withholding account was applied to your total IRS tax liability.

If your total RITA entitlement was under-calculated by the standard percentage, then we underpaid the Federal Reserve Bank on your behalf. In this case, we issue a payment for the underpaid amount directly to you. You do not need to enter any amounts — we calculate the amount and send you a copy of the computation to the address you give us on this DD Form Be sure to sign and date DD Form in blocks Your supervisor signs blocks If your supervisor is also your TAO, then this person only needs to sign and date blocks Attach the following to the completed DD Form Make a copy of your claim for your records.Position requires a working knowledge of the Corp of Engineers Financial Management System (CEFMS), Corporate Business Reports (CBR) and Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA).

Knowledge of District, Division and agency regulations, policies, practices and procedures for reporting requirements.

cefms corporate business reports

- Enterprise Level Business Intelligence Services: BEIS will provide data aggregation services, collecting select transaction level data from DoD systems of record to support business intelligence.

BEIS will also deliver corporate business intelligence capabilities such as contingency reporting, status of funds reporting and management dashboards. We are always aware of and concerned about the costs of our operation coupled with our desire to maintain a highly motivated staff, achieve the Commander’s vision, and continually improve our business processes and financial systems.

The Corporate Business Reports (CBR) application continues to be a major accomplishment for Baltimore District, with over 1, Corps employees running over 21, reports per week.

However, it is facing the requirement to transition to the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) system.

cefms corporate business reports

Familiar with Corporate Business Reports (CBR) and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Supervisory Management Analyst, 03/ to 08/ U.S. Army Engineering & Support Center, Huntsville, Resource Mgmt. Directorate. USACE Financial Management System CEFMS Database and Administration December 08, • Oracle Developer 6i/10g Forms and Reports application development environment companies acquire, grow and retain customers by using predictive analytics and big data techniques.

This is used by business development, sales and .

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